Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance

What is PIP auto insurance?

In the State of New York PIP Insurance is mandatory, but what exactly is PIP Coverage? PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection, sometimes also called “no-fault” because it pays out regardless of who was the responsible party during a motor vehicle accident. It also covers medical expenses, lost wages, some out of pocket costs as well as expenses incurred from personal injuries due to an auto accident. Out of state coverage includes surgical, medical and dental services as well as hospital expenses.

PIP is different than standard auto liability insurance in that it does not cover repairs or replacements to your vehicle. It offers protection from costly medical bills after an accident. PIP covers you, the drivers listed on the policy as well as your passengers. One of the most frustrating issues following a car accident is the time it takes for insurance companies to decide who is at fault. PIP ensures that no blame needs to be placed. As long as the accident is covered, you only deal with your insurance company, and medical and lost income payments are made as soon as possible.

Car accidents are one of the most traumatic experiences you can endure. After an accident, your main priority should be yours and your family’s well being, not costly medical bills. PIP coverage makes a tough situation easier by handling most of the financial burdens that follow an auto accident. If you have any questions regarding your PIP coverage, please contact our office.