Organized Desk, Organized Mind


Since we spend a large portion of our time at our desk, we are sharing some tips on the benefits of having a clean work station. A clean desk helps you focus, be more productive and gives you a better outlook on your workspace. A cluttered workspace has been proven to negatively impact productivity. A distracting environment can cause you to misplace items leading to frustration and stress. Keeping an orderly, tidy desk will ensure efficiency and save you valuable time throughout the day.

Getting rid of junk is the first step to an organized oasis. Those scattered post-its with random pieces of information? Go through them and see if anything is still pertinent. If they are, create a document on your desktop and enter the information. Toss old catalogs and outdated documents in the shredder. Cleaning begins with getting rid of unnecessary items…

…Which leads us to clutter. A cluttered desk creates anxiety which doesn’t help anyone in the middle of a busy work day. Once a week, go through your drawers and toss wrappers, old pens, business cards and other debris taking up precious space. 

Are you ready for a gross fact? There is more bacteria on your keyboard than on a toilet seat. Pretty nasty, huh?  Wipe down your entire desk, including mouse, phone and chair arms with disinfecting wipes at least once a week.

Don’t just limit your tidying to your physical desk. Organizing your computer desktop is another way to save yourself stress. Creating and labeling folders then drop the according desktop documents in them is a great way to reduce desktop clutter and ensure that you’ll be able to search for things more efficiently.

Staying focused and organized with everything in its place can save you time, headaches and frustrations leading to a more productive work day.  An organized work system not only enhances your productivity but can also improve your health. Happy organizing!